The History of The Food Police

When my oldest daughter Giulia was about 6 months old we used to stop by a little deli near our apartment everyday and the owners, an older couple in their late 60′s, would put her up on the counter and give her a small piece of parmigiano cheese to suck on.

Giulia at Salsamenteria Sciarra

Getting ready to go on a trip back to the U.S., we thought we’d get a piece of cheese, have them shrink wrap it, and bring it with us so she could keep her daily snack.

We forgot the cheese at home.

As the super-dad I am, I headed out in West Hollywood to the best shop I knew of, the Chalet Gourmet, and bought the best, most authentic piece of Parmigiano Reggiano I could find (and it cost a fortune too).


Took it home and offered it to Giulia and this little child, born in one of the greatest culinary cities in the world, a true food-snob by birth, turned her little nose up at it and would not touch it.

24 - Giulia in the metro

Our family joke has for a long time been to watch out with what you do with your food, as you could risk getting busted by the Food Police.


In 2011, I started a home-movie with my friend Peter Wall in Bali. We decided it would be about food, and many months later, it became The Most Epic Home Movie, and a precursor to the Food Police.


What started it all – the Search For the Golden Wedge – the most epic home movie EVER.

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