Agent Profiles


GIULIA MARTINEZ-BRENNER – Special Agent “The Giuge”

Freedom fighter, ballerina and pre-teen hard ass, Giulia is a writer of young adult fantasy novels.  Her first book about a girl crossing through worlds to save her brother who seems to be in a coma is currently being edited.  She is actively looking for an agent to represent her.

PALOMA MARTINEZ-BRENNER -  Special Agent “P-Doodle”

Paloma is a dedicated pastry chef who, at 10-years old, started an on-line business, “Palomita’s Bakery” on Facebook specializing in vegan and gluten free cookies and cupcakes.  If you live in the Rome or Orvieto area, she delivers.  If that weren’t enough, Paloma is a talented artist and painter.

VIOLA MARTINEZ-BRENNER – Special Agent “Viols”

Viola’s dream is to become a Five-Star Chef and once she can reach the countertop and is allowed to use a knife, her repertoire is going to be seriously impressive.  Watch out Anthony Bourdain – Viola grew an entire inch this year!


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